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Overview of Market 2015

The role of HR continues to evolve in the Asia Pacific region from an administrative cost centre to a more valued business partner. This follows a trend that started in the US and Europe and has also become necessary as companies strive to invest more in their people.

Asia Pacific economies are growing which results in a shortage of Talent, particularly for MNCs. This had led to larger clients investing in Talent Acquisition teams to try and save on recruitment costs. However, the recruitment industry is thriving as demand for Talent far outweighs supply and in-house TAs team cannot cope with the workload. There is a ‘War for talent’ in Asia Pacific.

Keeping up with the cost saving approach, many companies have now adopted the Shared Services model for HR Operations and Service Delivery and putting these Shared Service Centres into low cost regional countries such as Malaysia, India and the Philippines.

HR Transformation projects abound as the HRBP model is adopted. Demand is high for strategic thinking senior HRBPs. And for Transformation Project Managers.

Aligned with this we see more specialisation in HR Officer with Learning and OD and Total Rewards (Comp and Ben) leading the way.

On the L+OD front this is because companies want more bang for their buck from employees and thus are investing more into their people. This is part of a staff retention programme as employees are less likely to leave if they are being trained and developed.

The Total Rewards focus is driven in part by cost saving measures as companies will also move divisions t lower cost countries and that involves mobility and tax knowledge of regional countries as employees are moved around.

We have also seen an increase in Talent Management roles.

And, in 2015, HR Data Analytics is finally being taken seriously. Being able to foresee potential hotspots with regard to staff attrition can save companies lots of money.

Strong demand for good HR professionals = salaries are on the up. Specialists earn more than generalists.

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